AI Security Systems

Harness the power of AI combined with human verification to reduce false alarms and provide better security.

AI Detection + Human Verification

Leverage the power of AI to reduce false alarms while improving security and loss prevention. Integrate Solink® with your existing video cameras and POS or add it as a part of your new security solution.
Optional monitoring services eliminate false alarms and their related costs. Traditional systems rely on faulty physical devices to detect entry and video cameras only monitor and record. AI software scans video and sound constantly to detect anomalies and recognize threat. Law enforcement is only dispatched to actual emergencies, not costly false alarms.

Smarter Security Solutions

Get better security with smarter solutions. Combine access control, security cameras, storage, and powerful AI software to better protect your assets and your employees.

Choose the right combination of components to provide security for your business and meet federal and state regulations. We service a variety of industries with cutting edge security and access control solutions featuring AI detection and monitoring to reduce costs and improve conviction rates.

Security cameras are the cornerstone of business surveillance and monitoring for employee safety, loss prevention, and access control. Our General Technology Contractors can assess your needs and provide guidance on compliance requirements for your industry. With hundreds of different camera options, your solution will be designed with the right equipment to monitor your business indoors and outdoors at one location or hundreds. View and manage your camera feeds from any device.
  • IP & Hard WIred Security Cameras
  • Hundreds of camera models available
  • Nightvision & illumination
  • Current systems upgrades & integration
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Improve employee safety and protect the assets of your business by monitoring and regulating access to your facilities and property. Get a state-of-the-art access control system tailored to your unique security needs and safeguard your property, employees, and visitors. We’ll tailor your combination of components to provide a seamless and efficient way to manage and control access permissions, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter designated areas.
  • Control Panels & Hardware
  • Card Readers & Biometric Devices
  • Access Cards & Credentials
  • Smart Locks
  • Software Integration
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Detect suspicious activities and potential fraud incidents in real-time. AI software is an indispensible tool in modern security and loss prevention solutions. Solink® AI-assisted video monitoring results in more arrests and prosecutions with an average rate of 38%. Finding key footage across multiple cameras and exporting it is easy, and custom alerts around cash registers and other high-theft areas makes improving loss prevention efforts across one location or hundreds extremely easy and cost effective.
  • Video Analytics
  • Fraud Detection
  • Actionable Insights
  • Integration Capabilities
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Monitor your business in your hand 24/7 and stay connected to what’s going on with remote management tools. Easily access Solink from any web browser or mobile app and manage multiple locations from one centralized platform. Use AI-assistance tools to quickly find and view incidents from any location. Create reporting and save video evidence when needed with ease to streamline investigations, audits, and incident reports. Control access permissions, change cameras, and more, all from your mobile device.
  • Manage Security from Any Device
  • View Video Footage from Any Location
  • Robust Reporting & AI-Assisted Search
  • Manage Users, Change Camera Positions, and Much More
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Mobile Viewing & Management

Upgrade your IT and get the solution that your business deserves with one monthly invoice and one point for consulting, sales, installation, and support. 

We’ve served over 5,000 locations and have been providing managed IT services for clients around the US for over 10 years. Our partners have an average uptime of 99.99% and enjoy Single Tier Support where the General Contractors who install your solution also support it. Book your free IT assessment today and upgrade your IT with better infrastructure, security, and support.

Manage Multiple Locations

Easily find and view any number of security cameras from a single site or multi-location installations via a single interface

Stream Live Video

Watch up to 25 security cameras at one time, live, from any device with Internet acess

AI Assisted Search

Highlight POS machines, doors, objects, and even follow employees, guests and deliveries from camera to camera. Search footage across multiple cameras using AI assistance.

Set Alerts & Notifications

Set custom alerts and notifications to text and/or email when your security cameras detect motion, sound, or heat.

Remote Control

Reset or turn on/off cameras, access control, remote locks and more. Control cameras directly from your phone. Change settings, reporting and alerts with ease.

Manage User Access

Grant access to an unlimited number of users with unique permissions for each

24/7 Security Monitoring

Solink never sleeps, keeping your business safe and secure every hour of every day. AI-assistance is a powerful tool for loss prevention, security, and search, and with human-verification, can reduce operational costs by removing the possibility of false alarms. Contact us to get a free demo.

Build Your Total Security Solution

We work in a variety of industries to provide total security solutions designed for enhanced security and optimal compliance. Contact us today to design a solution for your business. 

Gain complete visibility and control of your business’ security with a cutting-edge solution that combines traditional video security with integrated data and the power of AI. Improve loss prevention efforts and prosecute more criminals while reducing false alarms and saving your business money by reducing unnecessary fees and catching more theft. 

Free Security Assessment

Schedule a free security & surveillance assessment with an IT Solutions Specialist to discover deficiencies and cost savings opportunities. 

Build Your Package

Work with our experts to create the right package for your business with scalability built-in. Get everything you need with one monthly cost.

Get a Site Assessment

We provide everything needed to get your IT solution up and running, including General Technology Contractors to install your solution including cabling and wiring.