Field Services & Installation

Onsite and remote troubleshooting, repair, installation, and more, all just a phone call away.

Hands-On IT Services

From virtual and onsite IT support to structured wiring and cabling installation, our team of experienced installation/repair technicians and engineers are here to provide the IT service and support expertise your business deserves.

Connectivity and up-time are important for consistent operations. Our IT field services are here to ensure that your operations run smoothly today and tomorrow by providing the infrastructure and support required to keep you connected and secure. One Point ensures you are compliant with all established security protocols, standards, and guidelines, keeping your business scalable, cost-efficient, and adaptable to the changing IT environment.

Cabling & Wiring

We’re more than just an IT company. Our General Technology Contractors also install everything your business needs, including structured cabling and wiring. Need onsite support? No problem.

IT Installation

From network setups to security systems, we ensure seamless integration of hardware and software components, guaranteeing optimal integration and reliability while easing support.

Onsite Consultation & Survey

Our General Technology Contractors are here to provide thorough assessments and expert guidance to design the ideal IT infrastructure for your needs.

Onsite Service & Repair

From troubleshooting hardware issues to resolving software glitches, our technicians are available to ensure minimal downtime and maximum productivity.

Remote Support &

The General Technology Contractors who install your solution also support it, combining decades of IT experience with first-hand knowledge of your solution and services. When you need support, your call is sent directly to them. No tiers, no hassle, just your IT contractor who knows your solution inside and out.