Smarter Video Surveillance Solutions

Leverage the power of AI to reduce false alarms while improving security and loss prevention. Integrate Solink® with your existing video cameras and POS or add it as a part of your new security solution.

AI Detection + Agent Verification

Optional monitoring services eliminate false alarms and their related costs. Traditional systems rely on faulty physical devices to detect entry and video cameras only monitor and record. AI software scans video and sound constantly to detect anomalies and recognize threats.

The AI software detects motion and sound

1. AI Detection

Integrated into your video camera system, Solink® detects an intruder onsite or another event is triggered. The AI software records video and sends an alert.

An agent reviews the AI alert and video footage to see what happened at a business.

2. Alert

The alert plus video footage from one or more cameras is sent to Solink® Security Agents for review. Solink® Monitoring is available in the US & Canada 24/7/365. Responses take <2 minutes.

A Security Agent determines if a call to the alarm contact is necessary and can disarm or cancel.

3. Verification

If the Agent determines that the alert is a false alarm, the alert will be cancelled. The alarm contact will be notified via text and email with the video footage.

Police are called and video footage is provided of the intrusion. Police respond and convict 38% of those caught utilizing Solink® AI assisted technology.

4. Dispatch

The alarm contact and/or the Agent determine if a call to local law enforcement is necessary. The call comes from a live Agent, not as an alarm code that might be neglected.

Better Monitoring

AI software monitors motion and sound to detect events. Alerts are reviewed by Solink® Monitoring 24/7/365, reducing false alarms and service costs. Limit late night calls to actual emergencies.

Better Response

Emergencies are reported to local police dispatch with a call from a Solink® Security Agent instead of an alarm code to a computer. Dispatch often deprioritizes alarm codes due to the likelihood of false alarms.

Better Protection

Solink® AI-assisted video monitoring results in more arrests and prosecutions with an average rate of 38%. Finding key footage across multiple cameras and exporting it is easy with AI assistance.

AI-Assisted Search & Reporting

Highlight objects such as doors or POS systems to watch for motion. Select vehicles or people and track them from camera to camera. Search multiple cameras and multiple timeframes quickly and easily to find specific events. Edit, store or export video seamlessly from any device from dedicated cloud video storage. Save hours (or days) when investigating events and producing reports.

Manage Security From Your Mobile Device

Manage Multiple Locations

Find and view cameras from a single site or multi-location installations via a single interface on your computer or mobile device.

Watch Live Streaming Video

Watch up to 25 security cameras at one time, live, from any device with Internet access.

AI-Assisted Search

Highlight POS machines, doors, objects, and even follow employees, guests and deliveries from camera to camera. Search footage across multiple cameras using AI assistance.

Set Alerts & Notifications

Set custom alerts and notifications to text and/or email when your security cameras detect motion, sound, or heat.

Remote Settings Control

Reset or turn on/off cameras, access control, remote locks and more. Control cameras directly from your phone. Change settings, reporting and alerts with ease.

User Access

Grant access to an unlimited number of users with unique permissions for each

Viewing multiple video camera feeds using AI assistance to find loss prevention footage.
AI video surveillance software from Solink® integrates to existing cameras, POS systems, and access controls and can be viewed from any Android or Apple device including Apple TV.

Existing System Integration & Upgrade

Integrate Solink® AI-assisted video surveillance monitoring software and callcenter support with your existing systems. One Point Technology can install, integrate, configure, and monitor your Solink® solution as your managed IT services partner. Need additional solutions? No problem. Solink® is just one part of your total business solutions package. Contact us today for a consultation.

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