Security Camera Systems

Security camera systems designed, installed, and fully supported 24/7 for any business or commercial application. We can also upgrade and integrate new security solutions into your existing camera system. Contact us for a free security assessment for your location.

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Security cameras are the cornerstone of business surveillance and monitoring for employee safety, loss prevention, and access control. One Point Technology Group can guide you through the process of choosing the right security cameras paired with the right video management software and hardware needed to keep your business running smoothly and safely. We can integrate older systems to new systems and help your existing business security camera system operate with newer technology.

Select the Right Cameras for Your Application

One Point Technology Group can help you get exactly what you need to keep your business secure while working within your budget. Have an old system that needs new components? Let us integrate your existing infrastructure with new technology. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

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Let Us Build Your Security Camera Solution

One Point Technology Group can help you get exactly what you need to keep your business secure while working within your budget. Have an old system that needs new components? Let us integrate your existing infrastructure with new technology. Contact us today and find out how we can help.

Monitor Your Business 24/7 From Any Device

Access the video feeds from any security camera at any time from any location with Internet access. Monitor one location or many 24/7/365 from your iOS or Android device. Watch streams, change camera settings, download video, manage user access and more from your mobile phone or tablet. Your security camera system is designed to keep you in the loop with alerts and notifications that will email or send based on your requirements.

Manage Multiple Locations

Easily find and view any number of security cameras from a single site or multi-location installations via a single interface

Watch Live Streaming Video

Watch up to 25 security cameras at one time, live, from any device with Internet acess

View, Export & Save Footage

Access your recordings stored on cybersecure cloud-based servers at any time and export important files with one click

Set Alerts & Notifications

Set custom alerts and notifications to text and/or email when your security cameras detect motion, sound, or heat.

Remote Settings Control

Change FOV, focus, panning, zoom, and other settings (depending on camera models) remotely from your device

User Access

Grant access to an unlimited number of users with unique permissions for each

Viewing multiple business security camera feeds from a mobile phone.
A restaurant security camera system monitoring patrons in a busy fast casual restaurant.

Restaurant Security Cameras

For owners seeking to protect their establishment and ensure the safety of their staff, customers, and valuable assets, security cameras are a necessity. We work with your business to provide the right cutting-edge security camera systems and software designed to provide you with comprehensive surveillance within your budget. With the rise in incidents of theft, vandalism, and fraudulent claims, loss prevention has become a critical concern for most restaurants. Your security camera solution monitors every corner of your premises, deterring potential incidents while capturing crucial evidence to prevent or prosecute employee theft, detect unauthorized access, and maintain a secure environment after hours.

Retail Security Cameras

With the growing prevalence of shoplifting, organized retail crime, and fraudulent claims, loss prevention has become a paramount concern. Our advanced security cameras are part of your loss prevention and surveillance solution, diligently monitoring every aisle and point-of-sale, deterring potential thieves, and capturing crucial evidence for investigations. In addition to theft prevention, our comprehensive surveillance solutions provide valuable insights into customer behavior, enabling you to optimize store layouts, improve merchandising strategies, and enhance overall operational efficiency. From monitoring inventory management to mitigating incidents of employee misconduct, our cutting-edge security camera systems offer round-the-clock surveillance, bolstering both the security and profitability of your retail establishment.

A retail security camera, part of a loss prevention system, monitoring shoppers in a clothing store.
A security camera monitoring a commercial growing and agriculture operation as part of an access control system.

Commercial Security Cameras

Commercial security camera and surveillance applications often require a combination of different cameras including indoor, outdoor, nightvision, heat-detection, or others as part of a robust access control and surveillance system. Let us help you tailor your security cameras, software and hardware to meet the unique needs of your storage facility, parking lot, commercial farm, grow operation, warehouse, or other commercial application requiring more robust or unique surveillance capabilities. With the increasing risks of theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access, protecting your inventory, equipment, and property has never been more critical. Our advanced security cameras provide round-the-clock surveillance, monitoring every square foot of your proper to detect intruders and prevent theft that you can access from any Internet connection.

We Do Security Cameras for Your Business

We work with businesses of all sizes to design and install the right combination of security camera systems plus access control, loss prevention, networking, firewall, VoIP, and other IT products your business needs to function. We install and provide guaranteed 24/7 support for all of our products. Need financing? We can help with that, too! Reach out today and find out more.

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